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Wireless headphones Baseus Encok W2, Bluetooth 5.0 (white)

Bezdrôtové slúchadlá Baseus Encok W2, Bluetooth 5.0 (white)

Baseus | 027310
Kód tovaru:

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Baseus W2 Wireless Headphones

Are you looking for wireless in-ear headphones that not only provide you with great sound quality, but are also incredibly comfortable and stylish? Equipped with 13mm audio chip Baseus W2 will prove to be a real hit! Dedicated application allows you to locate them and Bluetooth 5.0 connection guarantees stable transmission. At the same time, the headphones weigh just 4g each and are ideally suited for smaller ear canals.


Excellent sound quality

What makes Baseus W2 headphones surprise you with fantastic sound quality? The 13mm moving coils and the PU composite titanium diaphragm allow you to create a wider sound field and offer a perfect balance of highs, lows and mids. All this means you can enjoy crystal-clear sound that will delight you with a wealth of detail.


Talk on the phone without interruptions

Say goodbye to annoying noise and talk freely on the phone wherever you are. The headphones are equipped with high-sensitivity MEMS microphones that, combined with the Wireless 5.0 IC noise cancellation algorithm, can reliably capture your voice and eliminate unnecessary background noise. All this makes it easy to talk to your friends with Baseus, even in an extremely noisy environment - for example, on a bus full of people or in a crowded shopping mall.


Fast and stable wireless connection

Enjoy a reliable wireless connection. Baseus headphones support Bluetooth 5.0, which guarantees stable and fast signal transmission. What's more, improved encoding and decoding algorithms ensure perfect synchronization of video and audio in real time, so you can also watch movies and series without any interruptions. Stuttering, delays, and other similar problems will become a distant memory!


Use them together or separately

Listen to music the way you like it. The headphones are equipped with a smart 2-core chip, so each headphone independently connects to a specific device. So you can freely use not only both of them at once, but also use one or the other separately. If you want, lend the right or left W2 to a friend so you can listen to your favorite playlists together.


Touch operation - no more reaching for your phone every time

Say goodbye to having to reach for your smartphone whenever you want to pause your music. Baseus headphones have built-in touchpads that make operating them a breeze. With just the right number of taps, for example, you can pause or resume playback, answer or reject a call, switch a song, activate the Siri intelligent voice assistant or hang up.


More than 20 hours of music listening

Now you can listen to music on the go or at home without worrying that your headphones will drain too quickly. The product is equipped with a 450mAh battery and an advanced chip that is responsible for low power consumption. This means that you can play your favorite songs for about 4 hours or up to 24 hours with the charging case. To charge the W2, it only takes 1.5 hours!


Light as a feather and comfortable

Are you a person who finds it difficult to wear in-ear headphones due to small ear canals? W2 will turn out to be perfect for you! Their carefully considered design allows you to listen to music for hours without fear of discomfort or even pain. The headphones are also extremely lightweight - each weighs only 4g. You won't even feel them in your ears!


Fearless of water drops

Do you want to be able to listen to music during your workouts or in inclement weather? No problem! Baseus W2 is distinguished by IPX4 water resistance, which means that drops of water or sweat are no threat to them. Now your favorite songs can make your time pleasant in almost any situation! You don't have to put the headphones away when you are exercising hard or when you see the rain coming.


Choose your favorite color

The W2 headphones are not only functional but also extremely stylish. The product is available in several color options - white, black, mint and pink. Each of them looks incredibly elegant - Baseus designers have carefully refined all variants. Choose the perfect one for you and complement your everyday styling with a modern accessory!


App to help you find your headphones

Can't find your headphones? Not sure where they might be? Don't panic! The Baseus Smart app will help you retrieve them. Combined with the GPS feature, it automatically records the location where they were last disconnected. This gives you a chance to find them in no time! The app also allows you to check the connection status and battery level of your W2.


In the box

  • Headphones
  • Charging case
  • Charging cable




Brand Baseus
Name Encok True Wireless Earphones W2
Model NGW2-02
Color White
Material ABS + PC
Bluetooth version 5.0
Range Up to 10m
Standby time About 300h
Playback time Up to 4h (70% volume)
Playback time with charging case Up to 24h
Headphone battery capacity 35mAh/0.126Wh
Charging case battery capacity 450mAh/1.665Wh
Headphone rated input DC 5V 35mA
Charging case rated input DC 5V 350mA
Headphone rated consumption current 9mA
Charging case rated consumption current 110mA
Charging time About 1.5h
Frequency response 20Hz-20kHz
Charging Interface USB-C
Compatibility Most wireless devices
Noise cancellation yes
Earbuds size 35 x 16 x 6 mm
Charging case size 50 x 54 mm
Earbuds weight 4g (each)



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2a. Kuriér Prevod na účet  

Objednávka       0 -10 € ........... 2.95 €
Objednávka      10-30 € ........... 2.45 €
Objednávka      30-60 € ........... 1.95 €
Objednávka nad    60 € .......... zadarmo

2b. Kuriér Dobierka ( + 2.40€ )
Objednávka      0 -10 € ........... 2.95 + 2.40
Objednávka     10-30 € ........... 2.45 + 2.40
Objednávka     30-60 € ........... 1.95 + 2.40 €
Objednávka  nad   60 € .......... 2.40 €  

3. Zásielkovňa vo Vašom meste (Prevod na účet ......... 1.95 €  
- je možné doručiť balík na výdajne miesto Zásielkovne ak má max. hmotnosť 5kg a dĺžka jednej strany nepresiahne 70cm a súčet všetkých dlžok nepresiahne 120cm

Cena dopravy pre  Veľkoobchod  je 4.50 € za balík do 20kg. Ak dlžka balíka je 150cm a viac tak si kurierska firma UPS účtuje príplatok 3.50€.

2a. Slovenská pošta - Prevod na účet: (objednávka do 15 €, max. hmotnosť 1kg) ..... 1.95 €
2b. Slovenská pošta - Dobierka: (objednávka do 15 €, max. hmotnosť 1kg) ............. 4.95 €

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